About Prairie Wild Rose

Do you ever feel something is just off in your life? Like you’re stuck playing an endless game you can’t actually win? Are you stressed and overworked trying to make money, raise kids, run a house, and keep it all together?

You’ve come to the right place.

At Prairie Wild Rose we step back from the craziness of it all for a minute to think. To figure out better ways of doing things. We problem solve to figure out how to run things more efficiently so we can spend more time on what really matters. We cut out all the pointless societal expectations we do just because its what’s expected and we start actually living life. 

Where the Girl Behind Prairie Wild Rose Came From

I grew up in regular modern day America, like I’m sure a lot of you have. Cell phones, Facebook, TV, Fast Food. Always going, always consuming. I worked hard in school, got my As, even earned a degree in Nuclear Engineering. I went to work after college and thought I had it all. Life seemed pretty good. But then I found my husband and we had our sweet baby girl. And I realized everything I had worked for my whole life wasn’t all I thought it would be.

We Are More Than What We Have Become

There is more to life than what our modern day world makes it seem. There is more than running to the next soccer game, to the next errand. There is true depth and emotion and feeling that can’t be earned from getting the next promotion or the newest car. We don’t have to be depressed and get cancer and be suck with chronic conditions. I know there’s a better way.

Together We Can FIX THIS

Let’s work together to create that better way. Search my site, read the blogs that speak to you and re-discover your inner compass. Download my Quick Guide to Detoxing the Home for some simple solutions on nixing the myriad of toxic chemicals finding their way into your home. Comment and share your life hacks around the home and kitchen to save time or make them more enjoyable at least. Let us know how you add true meaning to everyday.

Thanks so much for visiting. I can’t wait to hear from you and see what we can do.