Kitchen Shortcut For Onions

This is maybe my favorite kitchen shortcut, because cutting onions is the worst!. Every time I end up in tears, itchy eyes, and just all around unpleasantness. Here it is…

Cut onions in bulk with food processor and freeze in little baggies!

Step 1: Set Up

All the tools needed for chopping onions in bulk

I use the food processor attachment for my KitchenAid Mixer with the dicing blade insert. Although, you could still do this without a food processor. I have my large chef knife, and the most important part, my goggles. Yes, I wear goggles while I chop onions; and no, I have no shame about it. Its better to look like a dork for 20 minutes than having my eyes on fire.

Step 2: Quarter the Onions

Quarter onions so they will fit in the food processor.

First, I cut the top of the onion off and use that to start peeling the outside layer off. Next, you quarter the onions because a whole onion won’t fit into the top of the food processor.

Step 3: Process the Onions

Since you have all the onions cut into smaller sizes, you can turn on the processor and dice or slice them all up.

Step 4: Bag the Onions

Bagging the onions to put in the fridge and/or freezer

Now you just bag the onions up! I put them in quart size zip-lock baggies and flatten them. They are easier to stack in the freezer if they are flat, and they defrost faster. You can just pull them out, break it up in the bag, then put in whatever dish you’re cooking. Easy peesy!

Hope that tip was helpful, I use it all the time!

Do you have any super handy kitchen tips? Post them in the comments below!

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